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Unlock your full potential with the perfect strain of cannabis that suits your lifestyle. Discover where the culinary arts meet sustainable, solventless cannabis.

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The Farm406 team brings to the Montana cannabis scene a passion for creating an environment of family and friends. As we have done in our restaurants, owners– who are lifelong Montanans, continue to use sustainable, quality, local ingredients to provide a clean, safe, and memorable cannabis experience. We are involved with and continue to support a number of non-profit organizations in our community and throughout the state.

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We offer an amazing selection for you to get more out of life. In the 406 we have an underlying belief in the balance between passion and caution. Do not what you’re told only what you tell yourself. Living where the mountains meet the big sky, character is deeply affected by the rugged authentic beauty of all of Montana. The land sets our pace. The 406 life is balanced and real. 

About farm406
Cannabis concentrates on a metal utensil on a white backgroundCannabis concentrates on a metal utensil on a white background


Farm406 is a leader in specialized, research-driven cannabis extraction, purification, and cannabinoid isolation. We craft solventless cannabis extracts and marijuana vapes from native terpenes for maximum flavor and derived from the best quality, naturally-grown cannabis in Montana. 100% pure CO2 extracts.

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